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The demo is the exact same software as the regular Lightwright, except that it’s limited to 75 worksheet rows until you purchase a license. Click the version you want to download:

Complete Package, functions as a demo until unlocked 47 MB
Complete Package, functions as a demo until unlocked 24 MB

Lightwright 6 made its debut at this year’s USITT convention in Salt Lake City, UT. Sales begin in May, contact any City Theatrical dealer for pricing and availability.

A video that introduces Lightwright 6 and shows a quick overview of it’s major features is available via YouTube, or by clicking here.


Anyone with a registered copy of Lightwright 4 can purchase upgrades to version 5 at low upgrade-only rates. Users with student licenses can either purchase a new license for LW5 at the regular low-cost student rate, or buy a Student-to-Individual upgrade to LW5.

Upgrades are available from any City Theatrical dealer.

If you have an older copy of Lightwright (version 3 or older), you will need to buy a new complete license (Personal or Institutional).

Free upgrades from version 4 are no longer available.


LIGHTWRIGHT® 5 is compatible with Vectorworks 2016, with one exception...

Lightwright 5 works great with Vectorworks 2016, except for Vectorworks’ new Project Sharing feature. It is unlikely that Data Exchange will ever work with Project Sharing.

LIGHTWRIGHT® 5.0.48 released, fixes bugs in 5.0.47...:(

This update fixed a bug in 5.0.47 that caused Lightwright’s instrument type cells to be blanked whenever you made a change in any other field in Vectorworks. It includes fixes for nine other recently reported bugs, including one that kept Lightwright from saving your show file. It also solves a bug where exporting in XML Worksheet format created an unusable file if there were worksheet entries with a “<“ in them. Read the release notes for information on all the fixes

LIGHTWRIGHT® 5 vs. Google Mail

Google Mail recently decided to tighten their security, to the point where a lot of mail applications cannot send mail using Gmail accounts. Unfortunately, this includes Lightwright. There is a solution, here is a link to the Google page that describes what you will need to do: