John McKernon Software

Really, it’s not that expensive

A Lightwright license may look a little expensive on paper, but with this license you get:

  1. *The industry standard in software designed specifically for lighting designers and electricians

  2. *Free tech support from John McKernon himself - no “script readers”

  3. *Free bug-fix updates to LW 5

  4. *A serious discount on LW 6

  5. *Stable software: Major Lightwright upgrades only happen every 3-5 years

Pirating Lightwright isn’t just illegal, it’s also wrong. 

You’re not stealing from some corporate giant in Washington or California, you’re stealing from a hard working theatre designer and the fabulous people at City Theatrical.  LW 5 pays for itself with all of the time saved and headaches avoided.  Plus, free tech support from the guy who wrote the program.  Try getting that from Bill Gates.

Where to Purchase a License or Upgrade

Lightwright licenses are available exclusively from City Theatrical dealers worldwide. Your local theatrical dealer is probably a City Theatrical dealer, so ask them first. If you would like to see a complete list, visit or contact City Theatrical at:

475 Barell Avenue

Carlstadt, NJ 07072   USA

TEL: (201) 549-1160 or (800) 230-9497

FAX: (201) 549-1161

Office 5, Units 1-3, Wyvern Estate

Beverly Way, New Malden, Surrey

KT3 4PH,  UK

TEL: +44 (0)20 8949 5051

FAX: +44 (0)20 7183 6061

Personal License

Student License







from Student to Personal

from version 4 only

from version 4 only



Institutional Site License

List Prices

Prices shown here are suggested list prices. Actual prices are set by the individual dealer and may vary at their discretion.

Important upgrade information

Part of the information that you are required to provide on the upgrade registration form is your Lightwright 4 serial number. If you are not the legally registered licensee of the serial number you provide, you will not receive an approval code and you will have wasted whatever money you spent on the upgrade.

To find your current Lightwright serial number, watch the program's title page when it starts, or choose the "About Lightwright" menu selection.

Please note: If you are using an Institutional copy of Lightwright, only the person in charge of the overall registration should register the upgrade. There is only one registration form for each upgrade package.


Personal licenses: are available only in the name of an individual, actual living person and cannot be registered in the name of a title, pseudonym, company, university, or other organization. Please note that if an institution buys an individual registration and registers it in the name of someone working there, then that person will be the legal licensee and can legally take it with them when/if they go elsewhere. Limited to one concurrent user at any time.

Student licenses: are available only to a bona-fide full-time student (with appropriate photo student ID) for a period of time limited to 3 years from the date the approval code is issued, and are limited to one concurrent user. License must be in the name of the student, who must be able to produce proof of student status when requested. After the three-year license has expired, the software will cease to function. Student licenses cannot be upgraded to Lightwright 6 or beyond without first being upgraded to an Individual license. Capacities and features are identical to the Individual License. Limited to use only by the student whose name the license is registered under. Student licenses cannot be issued to faculty, staff, or anyone else who is not a full-time student.

Institutional licenses: are a site license for use by up to six concurrent users. The registration must be in the name of an actual bona fide organization licensed to do business in the state where the license is registered. If the name is subsequently proven to be false, misleading, or otherwise outside the terms of the license, then the license will be immediately void without recourse by the licensee.

All Licenses:

Your license allows you to use either the Windows or Macintosh version of the software and to freely move back and forth between the two versions so long as you do not exceed the maximum number of concurrent users permitted under the terms of the license. You may install the software on as many different computers as you need, but you cannot have more people actually using the software at any given time than permitted by your license.

If you have an Personal or Student license, this means only one person can use it at a time, but he or she can be using either the Windows or Mac version. If you have an Institutional license, this means up to six people can be using the software at any given time, and it does not matter which platform any of them are using.

Click here to download a PDF document containing the entire license agreement.

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