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Lightwright is NOT Compatible With Vectorworks Project Sharing

Lightwright 5 and 6 work great with Vectorworks 2016 and later, except for Vectorworks’ new Project Sharing feature. It is unlikely that Data Exchange will ever work with Project Sharing, but we're going to make an effort to get it going.

Lightwright 5 is NOT compatible with macOS Sierra or newer

Lightwright 5's time on the Mac ran out. The modern versions of macOS require 64-bit apps, and version 5's code base could not be updated. So if you have macOS Sierra or newer, you will have to upgrade to Lightwright 6.

Lightwright Forum

Kevin Barry (B'way production electrician) put together an online forum for Lightwright users to help each other, show each other labels, and puzzle out shortcuts and other ways of using Lightwright. Forum membership is free, and signing up is easy and secure. To join, point your web browser at

Public Beta Test

A public beta of the next Lightwright maintenance release is available for anyone to try.

Click here to go to the beta page





© 2018-2020 John McKernon Software

Version of Lightwright is now available. This is fully comptaible with macOS 10.7 or newer (including Catalina) and Windows 7 SP1 or later. The Mac version is 64-bit, there are both 32-bit and 64-bit versions available for Windows.

This version is also compatible with Vectorworks 2020 SP3 and later.


Major Changes in Lightwright 6.0.30 and newer

This version is compatible with Vectorworks 2020 SP2.1 and later, including syncing with the Address, Universe, Absolute Addresss, and DMX fields in Vectorworks. Be sure to follow the instructions in the “Lightwright 6 and Vectorworks 2020 Data Exchange” document in Lightwright’s Help menu, especially if you are moving existing .vwx files to VW 2020.

The Data Exchange link window in Lightwright now offers different options depending on which version of Vectorworks you are using.

Maintenance List Editing: When editing the “long” name on a maintenance list, the “short” name will not be changed unless it is empty. Holding down the Cmd key (Ctrl key on Windows) while pressing Return after typing the long name tells Lightwright to change both the long and short name entries. In neither case will Lightwright ask if you want the short name changed.

The Spare Address report lists universes with nothing assigned to them as spares.

The default format for the Address column is now Universe (#/###), not Absolute.

When printing paperwork, Lightwright uses the Short button setting of the active worksheet tab.

Preferences settings are stored in a different format than they were in previous versions, so you will need to re-set all of your settings when you first launch Lightwright 6.0.30.

The Preference option to set the row shading color has been removed. Lightwright now uses the system color on macOS and a fixed color on Windows.

Lightwright now uses the operating system’s highlight color instead of yellow.

The appearance of some controls has changed because the underlying control was changed for 64-bit.

The default number of universes has been raised to 50. This only applies to new shows, not existing ones.

✓  In-cell worksheet editing is now available when running on Windows.

✓  A new window describing how to set up Lightwright to work with Gmail has been added to the Email Setup window.

✓  When merging two show files, these categories are now available: Focus Beam, Focus Axis, Footnotes, Show Title & Headers, and Vocabulary.

New Features in Lightwright 6.0.30

A list of all the changes is available in Lightwright's Help menu, read the Release Notes for complete information. Extensive revisions were also made to the Reference Manual's section on Data Exchange.

Coronavirus Pandemic & Lightwright

Many colleges and universities who use Lightwright are now conducting classes remotely, which means their students do not have access to the school's computer lab and Lightwright licenses.

A special emergency Lightwright license is now available for anyone who needs to use Lightwright under these circumstances between now and June 1, 2020.

Here's how to use it:

* Download and install the current version of Lightwright (6.0.32). Older versions of Lightwright will not work with this emergency license.

* Download the .lwtrn file using this link: Lightwright License Exp 7-1-20.LWtrn

* Each time you launch Lightwright, drag the .LWtrn file and drop it onto Lightwright's worksheet. That will temporarily upgrade you to a full personal license.

* Launch Lightwright. There is nothing else to do.

* The license expires July 1, 2020 and is not renewable. Regular student licenses are available as usual from any City Theatrical dealer worldwide.

New Beamwright

A 64-bit build of Beamwright is now available for both MacOS and Windows. It is pretty much the same as the now-discontinued Beamwright 5, but has high-res graphics and is compatible with modern operating systems.

Available here

New Features in Lightwright 6.0.32

✓  A Font & Size menu has been added to the worksheet window

✓  Reports remember the last-used destination

✓  A Revert to Default Settings button is available in Preferences

✓  New Shortcut Buttons now have an option to restore their default settings.

✓  Text on labels can now be up to 720 points high

✓  The Email Setup window has a new option to see how to use Gmail with Lightwright

✓  There is a new Color Picker, with more options

There are lots of other changes and improvements, check out the Release Notes document in Lightwright's Help menu.