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Lightwright Forum

Kevin Barry (B'way production electrician) put together an online forum for Lightwright users to help each other, show each other labels, and puzzle out shortcuts and other ways of using Lightwright. Forum membership is free, and signing up is easy and secure. To join, point your web browser at

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This release supports the new infrastructure at Lightwright LLC. There is a 64-bit Windows version, and a Universal build for macOS. The Universal build can be used on Macs with either the traditional i86 chip, or the new Apple Silicon M1 chip.

Lightwright 6.0.40 AVAILABLE NOW

A 64-bit build of Beamwright is now available for both MacOS and Windows. It is pretty much the same as the now-discontinued Beamwright 5, but has high-res graphics and is compatible with modern operating systems.

Available here


On November 17, 2020, John McKernon and Sam Molitoriss  announced the formation of Lightwright LLC, a new home for future Lightwright development, support, and sales. It is a partnership betwen John and Sam, who will share the work of supporting and developing Lightwright.

Since the first sale of ALD in 1984, Lightwright’s reach has expanded every year, but it also meant that running the business as a one-man operation has become more and more difficult for me.

My goal is to keep Lightwright supported and growing long after I retire. This new partnership will sell directly to theaters, venues, designers, and electricians in all areas of entertainment, including concert, film, television, theatre, and special events. Sam Molitoriss, a recent graduate of CMU, has strong roots in lighting combined with a keen focus on training, software development, and business organization, and I look forward to the expertise he brings to the company in our move of Lightwright into the future.

As Lightwright’s horizons have expanded and our online lives became more fluid, it became clear that it was time to change the way we connect to customers, too. The last day of Lightwright license sales through City Theatrical was December 31, 2020. Beginning January 4, 2021, all Lightwright sales are direct to the customer through Lightwright LLC’s new sales and support portal at


For all Lightwright sales, technical support, and downloads other than versions 3 and 4, go to



My career as a lighting designer has mostly faded away, except for serving as the associate lighting designer on the current Broadway and touring productions of Chicago.

Check out the Designs topic at the top of this page for my bio and photos of some of my best work.

I am available for master classes, keynote speeches, panel discussions, and similar events.


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